Film shoot & photography location

Flexibility & variety for shoots

In our spacious New York Loft Style environment, with brick walls, large windows with natural light & little nooks & crannies, such as our library or games playground, the creative possibilities for both your daytime & nighttime filming are endless. Our space is designed to be completely flexible & has many different background areas – from bricks, to plain walls to library environments – so that we can accommodate and support you with your filming ideas!

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TV Commercials, TV Shows & Photography

Filming or Photography

Our large & bright space is perfect for  TV commercials, intevriews & also accompanying photography. 

Our New York style office layout with all the different spaces has attracted many main stream media outlets & TV shows / productions like  MAFS (Married at First Sight), ACT Party Conference, 1 News, TVNZ, The NZ Police, Harvey Norman to name a few!

We have worked alongside nationally recognised media outlets & TV shows with staff signing NDAs when requested. 

Staff, client, business owner or media interviews

If you’re looking to interview clients, staff or yourself for online, digital or traditional media then our space is ideal.

Position yourself in the library, take an informal seat in one of our beanbags, use one of our luxurious chairs in the library or just stand against our impressive brick walls!

We have plenty of different environments & furniture that can be modified to meet your needs!

We can also supply certain lighting equipment for basic shooting.

Talks to us about your needs & let us help you!

Contact us about using our filming & photo shoot location
Contact us about using our filming & photo shoot location