Public speakers, we’ve got some great news for you!
The Common is launching an event speaker workshop in 2019!

This event will give you a great chance to present yourself as a public speaker in front of business event organisers. The concept is a powerful solution for your career that is proudly supported by The Common and its community. Both speakers and conference organisers meet in one space for a full day of inspiration.

Being one of the 10-15 speakers, you will have optimal reach to organisers of events looking for their perfect speaker, which could be you!

This event can be a powerful tool in helping grow your reach in your career.   

Purchase a one year “early bird” package for a special price and get entry to all our monthly events in 2019. Benefit your career and use the opportunity to meet new conference organisers, increase your professional community and social network. This is a fantastic chance to make yourself known by more people. Not just people, but the right people. People who are interested in public speakers who come to find the perfect speaker for their events.

Book 30 min for just you in front of 100+ conference organisers in 2019 (invaluable!)

Can you believe that? Get in touch with Evgenia Balashova for more information and to book now


Participating in all these sessions raises your chances for booking more speaking gigs!

Meeting conference organisers, that’s the value you’re looking for! No need to invest money in something you’re not sure about.

The powerful “must have” solution is right here for you!

When you book and register in 2018, you get an extra $2400 value which includes:

◾️ List of 80-100 names and contact details of conference organisers participating (value of $150)                                      
◾️ List of 500 industry associations and conference organisers in NZ not participating (value of $1000) .                
◾️ List of NZ conferences 2019/2020 (value of $500)                
◾️ A coaching session with the founder of The Common – Debra Chantry. This coaching session is for public speakers and will accelerate your career (value of $450)               
◾️ A marketing automation session with Assia Salikhova, Managing Director, E-ideas Limited and the driving force behind Set’n’Prosper automated follow up system on steroids (value of $300).

Hurry! Spaces are limited PLUS there is a pre-Xmas special you don’t want to miss


Contact Evgenia on 0273322757 or email

to book your place!