Here are 3 top tips on the art of a good Christmas party

Is it that time of year again?

Tis the season…..

Well, not quite. But the season of Christmas parties and end of year events is due to begin shortly and now is time to get organised! With only 3 and half months till the end of the year, don’t be that sucker who waits until the last minute to organise their offices Christmas party! That was last year. This is a new year, a new you and a new opportunity to book your end of year corporate events well in advance!

Everyone deserves a fantastic end of year, Christmas party. Because it’s that time of year to enjoy yourself with a well-prepared event that celebrates your hard work and dedication! And of course, blow off a bit of steam with your coworkers. It includes celebrating the ups and downs of the annual period and raising a drink to your co-workers, whether they deserve it or not.

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What makes a Christmas party memorable?

Here are three simple tips to ensure your office party has a fun, celebratory event the whole company can be proud to attend!

1. Music – it’s not Christmas without bublè

Nothing gets people moving like good music. Of course, the classic Christmas tunes are key, but ensuring your event has a good range of music for people to enjoy makes for a happy setting and a good time. Remember people love to have fun, and music is a key to that.

2. Alcohol – life’s too short for bad wine

In-famous words from Ventell’s very own business coach Debra Chantry, “Life’s too short for bad wine”. Providing your Christmas party with the finest of wines, staple beers and non-alcoholic options so everyone can enjoy the event. Everyone likes to take the edge off just a bit, and the end of year event is the perfect time. It’s good to relax and enjoy yourself with your fellow coworkers.

This is why ensuring your venue is equipped with a full bar and loads of flexible options with catering and BYO services can make your next event that much better!

P.S. everything tastes better when its free!!


3. Venue

Now the key to a memorable end of year Christmas party or event is…. The venue. The venue is responsible for the atmosphere, the vibe and the look! Move away from the cooperate environment! Be sure to get out of your office and find a location that represents your creativity! Find a venue that will lay the platform for a fun and exciting night! Not remind employees of the work they need to finish on Monday.

Ensure when you book your next venue, you are selecting the finest cooperate event space in town and make your office party a night to remember.


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