Questions To Ask When Booking An Event Space in Auckland

When looking to book an event space for your next event, it is important to ask the right questions to the event space in order to know if they are a good fit for your next event. 

Being experienced in the world of events, especially events in Auckland, we here at The Common know what questions get asked and should get asked when a company chooses to book with us. There are many questions that are obvious to ask when going to view an event space however, there are some questions that are left unasked, that will help you make your decision easier when choosing the space. We have compiled these questions together in this post so you can use them the next time you go to view your next potential event space. 

Here are ten questions to ask when you go to view your next event space:

  1. How much deposit needs to be paid upfront to reserve the space? 
  2. Can you provide staff? / Do we need to hire staff? 
  3. Do you have a liquor license, if so, what kind? 
  4. How early can we come in to set up?
  5. Is there a maximum number of people we can bring in (based on fire safety)?
  6. Is there parking? Where and how much does it cost?
  7. How many bathrooms are there? 
  8. Do you have WiFi and if so is it fast enough to support the number of people we have attending? 
  9. What is included in the price and what costs extra? 
  10. Can you supply crockery if we bring our own food?

Can you think of any more vital questions that get left unsaid? Leave a suggestion in the comments below. 

Event Space at The Common in Parnell, Auckland is a premium event space, ideal for your next workshop, keynote presentation, or work function. Contact the team at The Common today to book in for a tour.  

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