Top 6 Tips When Looking For A Corporate Event Space

Top 6 Tips When Looking For A Corporate Event Space

The event space is often the focal point of any occasion. Ensuring that you have a great venue is one of the most important parts of organising a successful corporate event. We have put together a list of the top 6 tips to consider when looking for corporate event space

1. Convenience

There are a number of factors under convenience including ease of accessibility, venue location and the availability of parking. Ease of access to your event venue is a key for maximising event attendance. To determine the accessibility of your proposed venues, it is essential that you consider public transport options and the journey customers will take in order to reach your event, as well as the locations where the majority of your attendees will be traveling from. A location which is central to the majority of your attendees would be the most ideal. As Kiwis are partial to their cars, a location close to the motorway would be beneficial, especially for those who are traveling from out of town. The availability of parking at your event venue is also a key consideration as attendees who travel by car will need a place to park while they attend your corporate event.

2. Availability

When we talk about availability, we aren’t talking about how available you are for an event, or how busy your schedule is on a particular week. We’re talking about how often you’re able to book events at a venue and how often they will go out of their way to make sure that they look after you as a repeat customer. It is important to look for a venue which values your partnership and supports your vision and goals.

3. Capacity

Capacity is always an important factor that you must take into account for any event that you plan for. What would happen if you tried to fit in 500 people into a venue that has a maximum capacity of 50 people? In saying this, you also don’t want to book a venue for 50 people when it’s made for 500 people. Find a venue that has the capacity a few more guests than you are expecting, this will give your guests room to mingle, walk around and talk comfortably without feeling too crowded. It is recommended that you take a tour of the space before booking the venue. Talk with the venue manager about what they can do to ensure that your event is a success.

4. Facilities and Services

Does your venue have enough toilets? You would be amazed at how much time is spent by guests waiting in line to use the toilet at events! It is also important to check that the venue offers the services that you need such as Wi-Fi, Audio Visual (AV) Systems, sufficient power sockets, and catering. Venues that offer these extra services can help to reduce organisational stress and some venues may even offer package deals. Another factor that needs to be kept in mind is what other facilities are located close by. Are there taxi stands nearby for those who don’t want to drive? Are there nice bars and eateries for guests to continue networking after your event? In addition to this, many venues now offer additional marketing services, this can be particularly useful for first-time events or to reach a crowd that is familiar with the venue.

5. Cost

Ask yourself, what’s your budget? How many people will come, and if you are selling tickets to attend the event, how many do you anticipate will be sold? If the answer to the two latter questions is zero, then maybe event hosting probably isn’t your forte. Not everybody has the budget to host a Hollywood event, so you need to be sensible with your money. Do you need to hire additional security? How many staff do you need to be on hand for your event to run smoothly? Will the venue give you a discount if you use their catering or their preferred caterers? Hosting a successful event on a budget requires great planning and being smart with your money. Be sure to discuss your options with the venue staff to see what is possible.

6. Licensing

In order to serve alcohol in New Zealand, the venue must have a license. Even if you are supplying your own alcohol. Ensure that you discuss with the venue, and see what they have available and their rules regarding B.Y.O. Make sure that your venue has appropriate licenses required to accommodate your needs and avoid being disappointed on the day of the event.

Taking the time to consider your options when booking your 2018/19 venue gives you a better chance of running a successful corporate event.

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